McCain Speech Signals "Post-Bush Era" on Climate

Growing Push Coming from Across Political Spectrum

05-12-2008 // Jeremy Symons

WASHINGTON, DC -- Monday afternoon, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is set to unveil the details of his plan to confront global warming.

Jeremy Symons, executive director of the National Wildlife Federation's global warming campaign, said today:

"Today, we entered the post-Bush era of global warming policy and politics. With all three leading presidential candidates supporting action by Congress to promptly cut greenhouse gas emissions, the countdown has begun toward enactment of a serious global warming plan.

"The push for action isn't just coming from Democrats. It is coming from independents and conservatives as well. Nearly 700 sportsmen groups have called on Congress to act now to enact an effective plan to curb global warming pollution and protect America's wildlife. And an October 2007 poll by Ellison Research found that 84 percent of evangelicals support legislation to reduce global warming pollution levels and 54 percent are more likely to support a candidate that works toward that end.

"The leading global warming plan in Congress is gaining momentum. On Friday, Sen. McCain said he will support the Climate Security Act, set to be debated on the Senate floor in early June. Sen. Obama last week called the bill 'an important first step'. And Sen. Clinton helped advance the Climate Security Act through committee so it could be strengthened by the full Senate. The National Wildlife Federation believes Congress is overdue to act on global warming and it is time for senators to catch up to their presidential standard bearers."

To learn more about the economic impacts of the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act, visit:

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May 12, 2008

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