Time to Move on from Failed Bush Energy Policies

Recharge America s Economy with Clean Energy

06-18-2008 // Miles Grant

WASHINGTON, DC -- Adam Kolton, the National Wildlife Federation's senior director of congressional and federal affairs, said today:

"Gas prices have already shot up 250 percent under the Bush administration's dead-end energy policies. Opening up America's most precious places for more oil drilling would not lower gas prices this summer, but it would reap more profits for oil companies. It would also exacerbate our dependence on oil, increase global warming pollution and threaten our energy security. That's no answer.

"Letting oil companies drill in America's most precious places is neither a solution nor short-term. For example, even if we opened the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to exploration right now, it would take more than a decade to reach peak production and a projected drop in prices at the pump of just four cents. In the meantime, we'd see more windfall profits for Big Oil.

"It's time to take America's energy policy in a new direction with strong climate legislation cutting carbon emissions and providing new incentives for clean energy. The Department of Energy says climate legislation could slash oil imports by nearly three billion barrels a year, saving Americans $180 billion through the year 2030 on foreign oil expenditures. We need to move on from the failed policies of the Bush administration and recharge America's economy with clean energy."

To learn more about the economic impacts of clean energy, download the National Wildlife Federation's Recharging America's Economy fact sheet (PDF).

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