Repower America with Green Education, Green Jobs, Green Schools

"Green Investments in Education Create Jobs, Save Consumers' Money, and Generate Hope for the Future."

01-08-2009 // Aileo Weinmann

WASHINGTON, DC -- Economic and education experts today joined National Wildlife Federation to push for green stimulus investments that would repower America with green education, green jobs and green schools.

"The fate of our economy and environment hinge on how quickly we move to repower America with clean energy solutions," said Larry Schweiger, President & CEO, National Wildlife Federation. "Economic stimulus investments in education and training are among the most effective for short-term job creation and sustained, across-the-board economic growth."

Investments in education generate 23.1 jobs per $1 million in spending, nearly five times more jobs created than oil and natural gas sector spending, according to Robert Pollin, Department of Economics and Political Economy Research Institute, University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

"Investing in people through green education and training is essential to get our economy back on track," said Heather White, Director of Education Advocacy, National Wildlife Federation.

"With its infrastructure already well established across American communities, the education system is by definition shovel-ready. That's why we're urging an $11.3 billion investment for green schools and colleges, environmental education and green job training in America's classrooms to create more than 250,000 jobs in the short-term and ensure long-term economic growth." See details on green education investments for short-term job creation and sustained, across-the-board economic growth on the fact sheet "Green Education, Green Jobs, Green Schools."

"After years of gridlock in Washington, President-Elect Obama has offered America and the world a new beginning that promises to repower America with clean energy and to protect our planet in peril," added Schweiger. "The green stimulus education proposals presented today provide specific opportunities to turn that vision into reality."

National Wildlife Federation is America's conservation organization inspiring Americans to protect wildlife for our children's future.

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