South Carolina Deserves Better Energy Choices

Proposed Santee Cooper Coal Plant Would Be a Bad Investment

01-16-2009 // Miles Grant

FLORENCE, SC -- The National Wildlife Federation, along with its affiliate, the South Carolina Wildlife Federation, on Friday called for South Carolina to pursue alternatives to the proposed Santee Cooper coal-fired power plant.

National Wildlife Federation president and CEO Larry Schweiger traveled to Florence, S.C. to attend a news conference highlighting national policy developments on climate change that will guide South Carolina's energy decisions in the future.

"2009 is the year for comprehensive climate legislation that will cut global warming pollution and boost the development of better energy choices that will jumpstart America's economy, create new green jobs and protect America's natural heritage," Schweiger said. "The proposed Santee Cooper coal plant is a bad investment for the people of South Carolina and for America. The U.S. needs to diversify our energy sources and reduce global warming pollution caused by the carbon emissions from coal plants. South Carolina needs to make smart energy investments that are economically sound and safe for the citizens of this state."

Schweiger noted Thursday's announcement that the House Energy and Commerce Committee intends to report a comprehensive climate and energy bill out of committee by Memorial Day.

"We don't have a moment to lose," Schweiger said. "We need to move quickly to repower America with clean energy solutions right now to revitalize our economy and preserve our natural resources."

Ben Gregg, executive director of the South Carolina Wildlife Federation, said, "It doesn't make sense to spend millions on a coal plant that won't be online for years, and won't reduce carbon emissions that cause global warming pollution. We need to be doing everything possible to reduce global warming pollution. By investing in energy efficiency and alternatives to coal in South Carolina, we can boost an emerging clean energy economy in our state and protect our valuable natural resources."

The National Wildlife Federation  is America's conservation organization inspiring Americans to protect wildlife for our children's future.

The South Carolina Wildlife Federation facilitates effective habitat conservation and respect for outdoor traditions for current and future generations through statewide leadership, education, advocacy and partnerships."

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