Comprehensive Energy Plan Answers Call for Clean Energy Economy

Climate and Energy Legislation Gets Traction in House

03-31-2009 // Christine Dorsey

WASHINGTON, DC -- Today the House Energy and Commerce Committee released a discussion draft of comprehensive energy legislation that limits global warming pollution. The draft bill also included a renewable electricity standard and improved energy efficiency rules.

Joe Mendelson, global warming policy director at the National Wildlife Federation, said:

"The Waxman-Markey proposal puts Congress on course to answer the President's call for comprehensive energy legislation. The plan recognizes our dependency on fossil fuels is a triple-threat to our economy, energy security and environment. We applaud Chairman Waxman and Chairman Markey for providing the leadership to keep Congress on an ambitious timetable to achieve a clean energy future. Repowering America with clean energy solutions will create jobs, end our dependence on oil, and help avoid the worst consequences of global warming.

"As we repower America with clean energy made by Americans and for Americans, we must also hold polluters accountable by having enforceable limits on carbon pollution that are imperiling our planet. And we must provide adequate funding to deal with the impacts of global warming on America's natural areas, including our parks and forests."

For more details on how fossil fuels are costing the American economy, read NWF's 5 Facts to Know About the Oil Industry's Campaign Against a Clean Energy Recovery.


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