Congress Should Double Investment for Environmental Education and Climate Change Education programs

Statement by Kevin Coyle, VP for Education and Training, National Wildlife Federation

04-02-2009 // Tony Iallonardo

On Recommendations Regarding NOAA, NSF and NASA Education Programs, to the U.S. House Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science & Related Agencies, Committee on Appropriations

"As America moves to a clean energy economy and creates new green jobs, we must ensure that our education infrastructure keeps pace.

"The successful transition to this new green economy hinges on education.

"Congress and President Obama have stated their desire to cap global warming pollution this year, a priority that the National Wildlife Federation strongly supports. To be successful in the transition to a clean energy economy, Americans must have the knowledge to find new and innovative solutions to protect our planet.

"Educating Americans about climate change is a huge opportunity for our nation to prepare today's and tomorrow's leaders to implement the solutions created under a plan to cap global warming pollution.

"National Wildlife Federation and its partners strongly support an increased investment in environmental education and climate change education programs at NOAA, NASA and NSF.

"Providing federal support for climate change education is a critical strategy in securing our new clean energy future and preparing the next generation for the challenges and opportunities ahead."

The National Wildlife Federation is America's conservation organization inspiring Americans to protect wildlife for our children's future.

Amanda Cooke, National Wildlife Federation, 202-797-6662,

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