EPA Declares Global Warming a Danger to Public

NWF Says Most Significant Federal Action to Date

04-17-2009 // Aileo Weinmann

Today the Environmental Protection Agency announced its finding that global warming pollution constitutes a threat to public health and welfare under the Clean Air Act. The announcement signals that EPA will take action to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Joe Mendelson, global warming policy director at the National Wildlife Federation, said:

"The EPA decision is historic and a game-changer for climate policy that will have political and policy repercussions domestically and abroad.

"With this decision, the Obama administration has made crystal clear its firm commitment to fight global warming. It also demonstrates a firm commitment to sound science and clean energy solutions that will bury the notion that we won't make historic progress confronting climate change this year. This is the single largest step the federal government has taken to fight climate change."

Christine Dorsey, National Wildlife Federation, 202-797-6615, dorsey@nwf.org
Miles Grant, National Wildlife Federation, 202-797-6855, grantm@nwf.org