The Climate Vote Heard Around the World

Statement by Joseph Mendelson, Director of Global Warming Policy at the National Wildlife Federation

05-21-2009 // NWF Media Team

WASHINGTON - Taking the first step toward meeting President Obama’s call for comprehensive energy and climate legislation this year, today the House Energy and Commerce Committee approved the American Clean Energy Act by a 33 to 25 bipartisan vote.

The legislation will establish a new U.S. energy policy that avoids continuing dependence on foreign oil and builds a new, domestic clean technology manufacturing base to supply the wind, solar, and other renewable energy. The bill also takes significant steps toward solving the global warming crisis by limiting carbon pollution.

Joseph Mendelson, director of global warming policy at the National Wildlife Federation, said:

“The House is going into Memorial Day recess with a bang. Committee passage of comprehensive energy legislation is a vote heard around the world. It marks a historic turning point in climate politics that secures America’s role as a leader in the clean energy revolution.

“Chairmen Waxman and Markey have proven that what was impossible in years past has massive momentum today. A stronger bill would create even more clean energy jobs for Americans faster and do more to address the impacts of global warming.

“Diverse constituents from across this country – from hunters and anglers to people of faith – have called on Congress to tackle the climate crisis that threatens our natural resources and health. Tonight, the Energy and Commerce Committee has responded and we will be pressing for the rest of Congress to follow suit this summer.”

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