National Wildlife Federation Celebrates Labor Day with Clean Energy Bill of Rights

This Labor Day, NWF will unveil a Clean Energy Bill of Rights — a document that spells out Americans’ right to access jobs in a clean energy economy that protects human health, wildlife.

09-04-2009 // Jeff Alexander

The National Wildlife Federation will commemorate Labor Day by unveiling the Clean Energy Bill of Rights — a document that spells out Americans’ right to partake in a clean energy economy that creates well-paying jobs while confronting climate change.

NWF officials will unveil the document Monday at the Detroit Labor Day Parade, the nation’s largest Labor Day event.

In 1791, America’s founders ratified the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution, which became known as the Bill of Rights. That document guaranteed many of the liberties Americans still enjoy — including freedom of speech, the right to bear arms and the protection of private property.

Today, we are our proclaiming the right of all Americans to live and work in a nation powered by clean energy — one that is not beholden to foreign oil barons or greedy energy companies that drain our wallets while ruining the planet,” said Danielle Korpalski, Midwest regional outreach coordinator for the National Wildlife Federation.

Document promotes the right to breath clean air, protects humans and wildlife from climate change

The Clean Energy Bill of Rights proclaims that Americans have the right to:

  • Breath clean air and enjoy healthy natural resources
  • Work in a clean energy economy that offers well-paying jobs
  • Obtain clean, affordable energy that combats climate change
  • Be protected from the harmful effects of climate change
  • Live and work in homes and businesses that are energy efficient
  • Strengthen America’s national security by breaking our addiction to foreign oil
  • Ensure that solutions to the climate crisis are fair and just
  • Enjoy abundant fish and wildlife populations that support outdoor recreational opportunities
  • Enjoy a healthy new economy
  • Leave future generations a healthier planet

Federal legislation would safeguard natural resources, create numerous jobs in clean energy economy

The American Clean Energy and Security Act that Congress is considering would reduce America’s greenhouse gas emissions, invest billions of dollars in a clean energy economy that could create 1.7 million new jobs by 2020, increase energy efficiency in homes and businesses, break our nation’s addiction to foreign oil and protect public health and natural resources.

The bill will achieve all of that at a cost of about 50-cents per day, per household, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

“The Senate needs to stand up to self-serving oil and energy companies and pass the American Clean Energy and Security Act,” Korpalski said. “This bill will transform the way America produces and uses electricity, which will have the dual effect of resurrecting our economy and protecting the planet from the worst effects of climate change.”