Michigan Hunters and Anglers Rally for Clean Energy Jobs Bill

Amid new report highlighting climate change impacts to Michigan wildlife—including brook trout, pintail duck, moose and yellow perch—sportsmen and women urge Congress to confront global warming.

10-07-2009 // Jeff Alexander

Hunters and anglers from across northern Michigan rallied outside U.S. Sen. Carl Levin’s Traverse City office today to demand passage of federal legislation they said would safeguard natural resources by slowing climate change.

The sportsmen and women also visited U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow’s Traverse City office.

Their message: Pass the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act of 2009 to protect the natural resources that are the foundation of Michigan’s hunting and fishing heritage.

"As we set out to hunt and fish in Michigan's great wild areas, the threats climate change poses to fish and wildlife require us to hunt and fish for our senator’s vote," said Brenda Archambo, outreach consultant with the National Wildlife Federation. “Enacting federal clean energy legislation will safeguard our hunting and angling tradition and ensure the health of our iconic species for future generations.”

Sentinel fish and wildlife species threatened by climate change

The National Wildlife Federation and other conservation groups recently issued a report highlighting the 10 game species most threatened by climate change. Among the species in Michigan threatened by climate change are brook trout, pintail duck, moose and yellow perch, according to the report.

Archambo said the climate change crisis demands prompt action by Congress. “The longer we wait, the more severe climate impacts will be to people, communities and the natural resources we all depend on for survival,” she said.