Copenhagen Gets White House Momentum Boost

Obama to Copenhagen for Closing Talks

12-04-2009 // Tony Iallonardo

12-04-09 copen stmt obama boosts

Today the White House announced President Obama was changing his travel plans and would head to international climate negotiations in Copenhagen during the critical closing days of the summit, rather than at the outset.

Larry Schweiger, President and CEO of National Wildlife Federation said:
“I applaud President Obama's continued leadership to protect our children's future from the urgent threat of climate change.  By attending the global climate talks in Copenhagen during the heart of the negotiations, President Obama can make the difference between inaction and action, between failure and success. 

“Thanks to his administration's actions to reduce global warming pollution under the Clean Air Act, President Obama is the first president to go to the global negotiating table with cards to play and a real commitment by the United States to act. 

“President Obama recognizes that the Copenhagen talks are an unprecedented opportunity to get all nations of the world to reduce the pollution that threatens wildlife and our future.  The president also recognizes that clean energy is the next economic frontier, and America needs to lead the way to deliver the jobs we need making the technologies to change the world.”