Tripartisan Senate Climate Plan Breaks Political Stalemate

Senators "have found a third way forward" on climate legislation

12-10-2009 // Tony Iallonardo

With international climate talks in Copenhagen just beginning, today Senators Graham, Kerry and Lieberman introduced a ‘tripartisan’ framework for comprehensive climate and energy legislation. The news demonstrates serious U.S. resolve to confront the climate crisis. House legislation already passed earlier this year.

Joe Mendelson, global warming policy director for National Wildlife Federation congratulated the senators in a statement to press, saying 

“These senators have bypassed the political stalemate on energy and the environment and have found a third way forward."

The partnership could clear a non-partisan path forward in the Senate for 2010 for passage of a comprehensive bill. Sixty votes will be needed to overcome an expected filibuster.

Bipartisanship has been hard to come by this year, and many conservationists are heartened to see senators who are willing to work together and confront the challenges America faces rather than try and score political points. The announcement will probably be felt thousands of miles away in Copenhagen, where it will likely strengthen President Obama’s hand as he works to lead China and other nations toward a global deal to fight climate change.