NWF Lays Down Climate Markers for 2010 to National Media

National Wildlife Federation holds firm on climate & energy bill in 2010

01-12-2010 // Tony Iallonardo
United States Capitol

Most every major national media organization tuned into to a telephone conference briefing reporters on NWF's path forward for passing comprehensive climate and energy legislation in early 2010. Senior vice president Jeremy Symons was joined by global warming policy director Joe Mendelson and representatives of Natural Resources Defense Council and U.S. Climate Action Network.

Jeremy's response to a question on whether NWF would accept an energy compromise that did not cap carbon pollution was named the Washington Posts Quote of the Day. His answer:

"What our economy needs, and what our environment needs right now, is a clear signal that we're shifting to clean energy technologies that bring private investment into play. We don't see any significant shift coming from the alternatives that have been proposed."

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