Chill Out 2010 Competition Winners Announced

Five U.S. Colleges Win National Award for Campus Climate Efforts

04-22-2010 // George Ho
Enter Chill Out

Five colleges and universities from across the United States have won national recognition in National Wildlife Federation’s annual competition Chill Out: Campus Solutions to Global Warming. This award program is the nation’s premier campus competition to promote sustainability and honor U.S. schools that are advancing creative approaches to reducing the carbon footprint on campuses.

Environmental visionaries and advocates from higher education and over 200 campuses have come together to celebrate the leadership of these campuses on the Chill Out: Campus Solutions to Global Warming webcast of the fourth annual national awards which can be viewed "on-demand” at This year’s webcast features Alisa Reyes (Nickelodeon’s All That) and NWF’s own David Mizejewski, (NWF Naturalist and Media Spokesman) as co-hosts. They have celebrated the winning campuses and showcased the work that is happening on campuses nationwide. The free program is a great organizing tool for campus groups and should prove to be entertaining, educational and inspiring.

"National Wildlife Federation applauds the campus innovators and pioneers who are helping to propel us down the path toward a society that no longer depends on pollution for prosperity. The warnings from both scientists and nature itself are clear that we are overdue in curbing the pollution that is disrupting our climate and jeopardizing the air we breathe and the water we drink,” said Jeremy Symons, Senior Vice President of Conservation and Education for National Wildlife Federation.

“Colleges and universities have always been seed beds for many of the best ideas and innovations in American Society,” adds Kevin Coyle, Vice President for Education and Training for National Wildlife Federation. “In the face of our boldly moving to a low carbon economy, they will be called upon once again to help invent new technologies and educational approaches.”

Chill Out participants have demonstrated effective solutions to global warming. Some treat the campus as a student laboratory for green education and training; others reach out to form supportive relationships with the surrounding community, green their transportation systems, and offer incentives to students to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

2010 Winners:
  • Innovative Research, Design and Technology Category: Boston Latin School (Boston, MA)
  • Students in Action Category: Western State College of Colorado (Gunnison, CO)
  • Green Jobs and Education Category: Central Florida Community College (Ocala, FL)
  • Campus-Wide Actions Category: University of Arkansas (Fayetteville, AK)
  • Best Video: Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, GA)

“The passion that comes from these students, faculty and staff for a sustainable world invigorates the rest of society to continue the fight towards a clean energy and sustainable economy,” says Jen Fournelle, Chill Out Manager for National Wildlife Federation. “Chill Out is an incredible opportunity for campus leaders to take a look at what others are doing and see what they can do in their own community. Colleges and universities are an integral part of society—if they don’t lead in fighting climate change, who will?”

Chill Out: Campus Solutions to Global Warming is proudly supported by The Kendeda Fund and many partners. Join students and faculty to register for and view the webcast and learn how to take action throughout the year, at

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