NWF Lauds New White House Plan for Cleaner Cars and Freight Trucks

Obama administration set to reduce oil consumption by improving emissions standards

05-21-2010 // Tony Iallonardo

On May 21, 2010, the Obama administration announced a new plan to reduce oil consumption by expanding auto emissions standards and adopting the nation's first-ever greenhouse gas and fuel economy standards for freight trucks. It’s expected to reduce oil consumption and carbon pollution from cars and freight trucks through cost-saving improvements in vehicle efficiency and other pollution control measures.

Last month, the federal government strengthened the fuel economy and greenhouse gas emission standards for model year 2012-2016 passenger vehicles and light trucks, increasing fuel economy by about 5 percent annually and reducing fleet-wide greenhouse gases an estimated 21 percent by 2030.

This new announcement is for a plan to continue fuel economy improvements and emissions reductions for those vehicles for model year 2017 and beyond, and to set national standards for medium and heavy duty trucks for model years 2014 through 2018.

“Once again the Obama administration has shown leadership when it comes to addressing the climate crisis,” said NWF’s global warming policy director Joe Mendelson.

President Obama explained that this is a matter of global importance:

“We know that our dependence on foreign oil endangers our security and our economy. We know that climate change poses a threat to our way of life -– in fact we’re already seeing some of the profound and costly impacts.”

Those costly impacts from climate change in fact were the subject of several expansive reports published by the National Academies of Science this week. The reports served as a call to action that the climate threats are real, occurring now, and that legislative action is needed to put a price on carbon pollution.