Senators Named to “American Power All Stars” Scorecard

Will Big Oil or Clean Energy Guide America’s Energy Future?

07-12-2010 // Aileo Weinmann
All Stars Cover

As they prepare for debate over America’s energy future, Senators will soon be stepping up to the plate for the “Big Oil Team” or “Clean Energy Team,” underscored within the American Power All Stars Scorecard (pdf) from the National Wildlife Federation on the eve of Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game.

“Elected officials have their first chance in a decade to go to bat for clean energy, and with the White House and Senate leadership calling for comprehensive legislation, this is the big game,” said Adam Kolton, senior director of Congressional Affairs for National Wildlife Federation. “But flush with record profits, Big Oil continues to fund politicians who endlessly balk at real energy progress.”

Americans increasingly support energy efficiency and clean electricity, limits on global warming pollution and accountability for the BP oil disaster. President Obama has called for a bill this year that will package all of these reforms together and put America on a real path to a clean energy future.

The scorecard highlights Senators in several areas:

Senators ultimately decide for themselves which team they will go to bat for, but they will base their decision on the pressure they get from fans, voters, constituents, and lobbyists. The American Power All Stars Scorecard includes a grid to track Senators’ votes as “strike outs” or “home runs” on key proposals to reform America’s energy policy and confront climate change. Twenty-four Senators are featured as “Players to Watch” because of their roles as league leaders or fence sitters. Their plays will shape the outcome of the battle for clean energy.

“Who will your senator play for—the Big Oil Team or the Clean Energy Team?” asked Kolton. “We’ll be on the edge of our seats, with our American Power All Star Scorecards in hand.”

National Wildlife Federation is a nonpartisan organization and nothing in this scorecard implies an endorsement of any candidate or his or her opponent.

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