Senate on Brink of Climate Failure

"This failure amounts to letting polluters off the hook while jeopardizing wildlife and our children's future."

07-23-2010 // Tony Iallonardo
Capitol building

Senate Democratic leaders announced this week they would again postpone their effort to enact serious climate legislation. According to the Associated Press, "Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said no Republican senator was willing to back a comprehensive energy and climate bill, a development he called "terribly disappointing" and even dangerous."

Larry Schweiger, president and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation, responded to the news with this statement:

β€œAs a result of continued obstruction from every Republican Senator and a few Democratic Senators, the Senate is now on the brink of a colossal failure. This failure amounts to letting polluters off the hook while jeopardizing wildlife and our children's future. While there is still time for the Senate to act on climate change, we have lost confidence that there is the political will to overcome the oil lobby.

β€œToo many senators are listening to polluters instead of the American public. Time and again Americans have said they overwhelmingly support action to address our energy and environmental crisis. If the end result is that polluters can emit carbon pollution without limit and without accountability, then the senate has failed to tackle America's energy and environmental crisis. Too many Senators have learned nothing from the Gulf disaster and the high price we pay when oil lobbyists dictate our energy laws.

β€œToday's news is a wakeup call for everyone who cares about these issues, and we will continue to fight for a climate and energy bill that delivers real change.”

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