Looking for a Challenge? Join Eco-Schools USA and Zerofootprint Foundation

NWF Announces Partnership at NAAEE Conference in Buffalo, NY

09-29-2010 // Amanda Cooke
children in computer lab

NWF’s Eco-Schools USA program has partnered with the Zerofootprint Foundation’s new school competition to engage students in a race to reduce energy use. The Zerofootprint Challenge enables students to take climate action into their own hands by competing to reduce their school’s energy consumption.

NWF announced the partnership at this week’s North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) conference. The 39th annual conference is currently in session in downtown Buffalo, New York. The theme of this year’s gathering is Environmental Education, Building Connections ~ Bridging Gaps.

Eco-Schools USA and Zerofootprint will work collaboratively with school districts to provide students with easy-to-use software and social networking tools to measure their carbon footprint, provoke competition and discover a new culture of energy use.

Throughout the school year from now until June 2011, students enter the data for each month’s bills and watch their energy footprint change over time. To see an example of the software, visit http://usa.zerochallenge.org/.

“Measurement and benchmarking are critical to any endeavor that seeks to create meaningful change,” said Dr. Ron Dembo, Founder and CEO of Zerofootprint. “Our goal is to make it easy, fun and meaningful for kids to tackle climate change and discover new ways to reduce their energy consumption. What is unique is our use of clear metrics for all phases of the program.”

By registering for free as an Eco-School, schools gain access to resources, tools, curriculum guides and activities to help them on a path to sustainability.  Visit ecoschoolsusa.org to register today!

NAAEE is a professional association established to promote environmental education and support the work of individuals and groups engaged in environmental education through teaching, research, and service. Visit www.naaee.org/conference to learn more about the annual conference, taking place this week in Buffalo.