My View: Reduce Energy Consumption with Eco-Schools USA

This Earth Science Week, Explore Sustainable Solutions while Discovering Geoscience

10-07-2010 // Jennifer Hammonds, NWF Education Curriculum Specialist
Jennifer Hammonds

As a former science teacher for grades 5 through 8, I understand the importance of raising energy-literate students who are enthusiastic about learning.  The global competitiveness of our nation depends in part upon the way we educate our future leaders.

I strive to be a part of educational reform by meeting the nation’s need for environmental education.  After 15 years of teaching, I’ve made the switch from the classroom and now work as a science curriculum specialist for Eco-Schools USA.  Operating in 50 countries, this international program provides a free framework for educators to help integrate sustainable principles throughout their schools and curriculum.

The K-12 program focuses on eight pathways to sustainability—energy and climate change to name a few.   By weaving critical thinking opportunities throughout the framework Eco-schools USA is diligently working to stop the leaks in the STEM education pipeline.

Earth Science Week 2010: An opportunity for awareness

Since 1998, Earth Science Week has taken place across the globe in an attempt to educate the public about geosciences.  This year’s series of events takes place from October 10 to 16, in celebration of the theme “Exploring Energy”.  This theme provides an opportunity for students and teachers to learn more about Earth’s energy resources, both renewable and nonrenewable, and to explain why schools must monitor and reduce their energy use. 

U.S. school districts spend more than $7.5 billion per year on energy

Eco-Schools USA’s energy pathway, one of eight sustainable solutions framed by the program, helps schools significantly decrease their energy consumption—saving them money and reducing their carbon footprint and impact on the environment. 

The goal of Earth Science Week is to foster discovery of and engagement in Earth sciences.  However, the “exploring energy” theme of the 2010 event is incomplete. Exploring energy use isn’t enough—we must implement solutions that move us away from a carbon-based society and toward a clean energy economy.

Green school programs like Eco-Schools USA actively engage students as school leaders, reduce their campus' environmental footprints, and help bolster skills in science, math and reading. 

This Earth Science Week, how will your school explore energy use, implement sustainable solutions, and discover the world of science? Tell us your story on Facebook or follow the conversation on Twitter @ecoschoolsusa.
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