New Toolkit for Accessing Federal Dollars to Rebuild Communities

Good News: if you want to take America’s clean energy future by the reigns and green your community, there’s a guide for that.

10-06-2010 // Aileo Weinmann
Wind turbines

The Fair Climate Project’s new step-by-step guide, A Guide to Accessing Federal Dollars to Rebuild our Communities (pdf), provides groups with an introduction to accessing federal funding opportunities for green projects in urban and rural areas.

It’s a one-stop-shop for information about how to develop successful projects and partnerships, identify funding sources, and successfully access them.

Sections within the guide include:

• Federal Funding: The Basics
• Before You Get Started: Developing Your Project Plan
• Researching Opportunities: How to Get Started
• Grant Programs and Project Examples
            o Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy 
            o Economic Development & Greenspaces
• Developing and Strengthening Partnerships
• Applying for Opportunities
• Follow Through

Along with the ‘how-to’ portion, the guide also highlights several project examples and case studies which underscore the success organizations and communities have had in developing and executing projects.

Whether a community’s mission is to create new jobs, develop green spaces, encourage energy efficiency, or promote renewable energy, this guide can help put a project idea on a successful path.

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