Major Milestone for Sustainable Biofuels

World's first sustainable biofuels certification under new RSB international standards

02-10-2012 // Aislinn Maestas

The NCS International announced on Thursday that it has certified the world's first biofuels operation to achieve certification against the Principles and Criteria of the Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels (RSB).

The RSB has developed a third-party certification system for biofuels sustainability standards, encompassing environmental, social and economic principles and criteria through an open, transparent, and multi-stakeholder process. National Wildlife Federation played a key role in establishing this global standard for the voluntary certification of biofuels and hopes the new system will promote good practices on the ground, and eventually help end biofuels production practices that are harmful to the climate and environment.

Barbara Bramble, Senior Advisor for the International Climate and Energy Program at the National Wildlife Federation, and Chair of the Board of the RSB, said today:

“We are pleased that the Manildra Group has achieved certification, under the RSB's global system of Principles and Criteria, for their wheat flour production operation, Shoalhaven Starches Pty Ltd. This is a significant achievement for the Australian-based project, which makes biofuels out of an otherwise potentially polluting waste stream, so it fulfills several objectives at once.

“Manildra’s leadership shows what can be achieved both environmentally and economically. We look forward to seeing major buyers and users of biofuels stating their preference for RSB certified fuels, which will be the signal to  producers that formal RSB certification will be recognized in the marketplace.”

Peter Ryus, CEO of RSB Services Foundation said:

“We are particularly pleased to announce the certification of the Shoalhaven Starches facility at Bomaderry, NSW, Australia, a member of the Manildra Group.  Not only is this the RSB’s first complete commercial certification to the Principles and Criteria, but it offers  tangible evidence that sustainable  biofuels may be efficiently and economically produced at a large scale, while adhering to ambitious social and environmental standards. We are proud to partner with the Manildra Group in this effort.”

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