New Radio Ad Thanks Sen. Collins for Saying No to Dirty Air Budget Proposals, Voting for a Clean Budget

“We are thanking Senator Collins for putting wildlife and public health ahead of corporate polluters’ profits."

04-29-2013 // Miles Grant

The National Wildlife Federation launched a new ad in Maine today thanking Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) for her opposition to dirty air budget proposals, which would have gutted Environmental Protection Agency clean air standards that protect the health of Americans.

The ads will be accompanied by a “takeover” of the Bangor Daily News website Monday through Wednesday, and the Portland Press Herald website on Thursday. They express thanks for Sen. Collins’ opposition to cynical anti Clean Air Act amendments during Senate budget debates in March that would have blocked the EPA’s historic Carbon Pollution Standard, the Mercury and Air Toxics Standard (MATS), as well as other clean air standards and public health protections.

“We are thanking Senator Collins for putting wildlife and public health ahead of corporate polluters’ profits,” said Jim Lyon, vice president for conservation policy at the National Wildlife Federation. “America’s sportsmen want our members of Congress to stand strong for our air, water, wildlife and public lands. Congress shouldn't ever use the budget process to replace important clean air and water protections with dangerous, dirty and deadly pollution.”

The ad’s message to Maine voters:

If you’re a sportsman here in Maine, you’re thankful for Grand Lake Stream, for Moosehead Lake, and Merrymeeting Bay. For Sebago Lake and Fish River. You give thanks for Kennebec River, for the Belgrade Lakes, and Maine’s great North Woods.   

And while you’re at it, you give a heartfelt thanks to Senator Collins, who’s protected our forests, lakes, and streams by voting to support reducing the mercury and industrial carbon pollution that threaten to ruin them – protecting a hunting, fishing, and wildlife industry that is worth more than a billion dollars to Maine each year.

So let’s take a moment and give thanks for Big Eddy, for the Rangeley Lakes, Rapid River, and East Outlet – and let’s thank Senator Collins for standing up for them and for generations of sportsmen yet to come. Paid for by the National Wildlife Federation.

The ads will run in the Bangor and Portland media markets.

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