Clean Water Restoration Act Gains Momentum

Clean water is critical for the future of America's hunting and angling traditions

04-15-2008 // Aileo Weinmann

Statement by Jan Goldman-Carter, Wetlands & Water Resources Counsel,
National Wildlife Federation

On U.S. House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee
Hearing on the Clean Water Restoration Act

WASHINGTON, DC -- "For more than 35 years, the Clean Water Act has successfully protected America's rivers, lakes, streams, wetlands and other waters from pollution and destruction. When we protect clean water, we're ensuring a future for our children to enjoy the same streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands where we fished, swam, hunted and played.

"Protecting these waters also protects our drinking water supplies and reduces flood damage during storm events, while storing water for use at times of drought.

"Clean water is also critical for the future of America's hunting and angling traditions. As a testament to their concern, sportsmen's organizations from across the country are sending the attached letter to Congress urging passage of the Clean Water Restoration Act.

"Currently, our Nation's clean water future is in peril. The Supreme Court and the Bush Administration have placed vital Clean Water Act protections in doubt for many important waters, making it easier to pollute and destroy these waters.

"Narrowly divided Supreme Court rulings in 2001 and 2006 questioned whether the Clean Water Act protects many waters and wetlands.

"As a result, protection of some of the most environmentally productive and important waters in our nation are being weakened considerably. We cannot lose these protections. With each passing day we are seeing a generation's worth of clean water progress eroding. This is of great concern to all Americans, including millions of hunters and anglers, and the more than 110 million Americans who get drinking water from the kinds of streams that have been directly put in jeopardy.

"We applaud Representatives Oberstar, Dingell, Ehlers and the other 173 Representatives co-sponsoring the Clean Water Restoration Act for their leadership on this important issue. It is time for Members of Congress to make a choice--will they stand up to protect the Nation's waters for our children and grandchildren, or will they stand with polluters who dredge, fill, and contaminate our streams, lakes, and wetlands for short-term financial gain?

"Only Congress can stop the unraveling of the Clean Water Act. We therefore call on Congress to enact the Clean Water Restoration Act into law this year."

Contacts: Jan Goldman-Carter, Wetlands & Water Resources Counsel, National Wildlife Federation, 952-807-3149 cell

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    Clean Water is Critical for the Future of America s Hunting and Angling Traditions.

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