President Obama Appoints Nation’s First Great Lakes Restoration Coordinator

Obama Appointment to Help Jump-Start Great Lakes Restoration

06-03-2009 // Jeff Alexander

The Obama Administration today appointed a special advisor to the Environmental Protection Agency who will oversee Great Lakes restoration efforts.

President Obama named Alliance for the Great Lakes CEO Cameron Davis the first EPA advisor whose work will focus solely on healing the Great Lakes—the largest surface fresh water resource in the world.

“The appointment of Cameron Davis to help oversee the restoration of the Great Lakes will benefit the lakes and the people and businesses which depend on them,” said the National Wildlife Federation’s Jeff Skelding, who serves as the campaign manager for the Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition. “Davis understands the serious threats facing the Great Lakes and has worked tirelessly during his career to advance solutions that protect the lakes, safeguard public health and create jobs.”

Appointment fulfills one of president’s campaign promises

Skelding said the appointment fulfills another commitment that President Obama made during his campaign — to restore the largest fresh surface water resource in the world.

Congress is currently considering the president’s $475 million Great Lakes Restoration Initiative to stop invasive species, restore habitat and clean up toxic pollution.

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