Tune in to Protect the Great Lakes

NWF helping offer unprecedented access to 7th annual restoration conference.

10-05-2011 // Jennifer Janssen

This week, join in the efforts to protect the Great Lakes by tuning in to the 7th Annual Great Lakes Restoration Conference and spreading the word about issues the threaten the Great Lakes.

Watch live streams and clips below, then connect with us online by sharing your comments on attendees blogs or joining the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #healthylakes.

For the first time, the Great Lakes Restoration Conference proceedings will be live blogged, and live streamed with proceedings accessible online thanks to a new partnership with organizations including Detroit Public Television and the National Wildlife Federation.

Visit the Conference.HealthyLakes.org to read the reactions of participants as blogs are published in real time; take a look at presentations; and find in-depth materials on the most pressing issues facing the Great Lakes.

Connect with us online today:

Don't miss out on the Great Lakes Restoration Conference or any of "Great Lakes Week," the gathering of scientists, political voices, educators and advocates, and interested groups from the Healing Our Waters Coalition and other critical Great Lakes groups, including the Environmental Protection Agency, International Join Commission and the Great Lakes Commission--take a look at Detroit Public Television's "Great Lakes Now" coverage of the entire week.

Join in as the conference is happening to hear what Great Lake advocates are saying and share your thoughts--whether you are at the Conference in Detroit in person or on the other side of the country.

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