National Hunting, Angling Groups Applaud Move to Finalize Clean Water Act Guidance

Guidance will restore protections for waters, valuable fish and wildlife habitat

02-23-2012 // Jan Goldman-Carter
man with caught fish

This week, the Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers submitted revised Clean Water Act guidance to the Office of Management and Budget. Sportsmen applaud this critical step in restoring important protections for America’s waters.

“These rivers, lakes, streams and wetlands are essential for hunting and angling, providing fish and wildlife habitat and an economic boost to local economies,” said Steve Moyer, vice president of government relations for Trout Unlimited. “Every year, millions of anglers spend $45 billion to fish in rivers, lakes and streams across the country. Together, hunting, angling, and wildlife watching contribute an estimated $122 billion to the economy annually.”

Thousands of Americans and hundreds of national and local sportsmen and conservation groups commented in support of the administration’s draft Clean Water Act guidance. While the administration finalizes these guidelines, it also intends to initiate a rulemaking process to clarify further the types of waters covered by the Clean Water Act.

More than 250 state and local sportsmen organizations, watershed groups and outdoor businesses from 11 Great Lakes, Southern and Western states recently have called on the administration to act quickly to finalize the guidance and proceed with rulemaking,” said Jan Goldman-Carter, senior manager, wetlands and water resources for the National Wildlife Federation.

Restoring Clean Water Act safeguards also will protect drinking water for 117 million Americans, tourism and outdoor recreation industries and wildlife. Hunters, anglers and conservationists across the country are counting on the administration to help preserve the nation’s outdoor heritage by keeping its waterways and wetlands safe and clean for current and future generations.

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