House Leaders Target Wildlife with Steep Cuts

Funding for Farm Bill conservation programs slashed in House Appropriations bill

05-29-2014 // Aislinn Maestas
Flock of Mallards

The House Appropriations Committee today approved their FY15 funding bill, which includes more than $400 million in cuts to key Farm Bill conservation and renewable energy programs.

"This bill is a blatant attempt to rollback many of the hard-won gains for wildlife in the Farm Bill, supported by 251 members of the House and signed into law just three months ago," said Aviva Glaser, Senior Specialist for Agriculture Policy at the National Wildlife Federation. "Instead of building off the success of the Farm Bill, this funding measure takes us two steps back. Programs to conserve wildlife and boost our rural economies cannot achieve success unless given the full funding promised in the recently passed Farm Bill."

Programs targeted for cuts in the appropriations bill include the Biomass Crop Assistance Program, Conservation Stewardship Program, Environmental Quality Incentives Program, Agriculture Conservation Easement Program and Rural Energy for America Program. Funding for these programs, which are vital to keeping wildlife thriving and supporting rural economies, has been on the decline in recent years and many already saw reductions in the Farm Bill.

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