NWF welcomes governors’ support of efforts to conserve sage-grouse

Group agrees that effective partnerships among governments, stakeholders crucial to success

06-12-2014 // Judith Kohler

Male sage grouseDuring its annual meeting Wednesday, the Western Governors’ Association passed a resolution supporting "all reasonable management efforts" to conserve greater sage-grouse, which the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has said is in danger of going extinct. The agency will decide by 2015 whether to add the bird to the Endangered Species List.

Jim Lyon, the National Wildlife Federation’s vice president for conservation policy, said:

"The National Wildlife supports the governors' policy statement that all reasonable management efforts should be pursued to conserve greater sage-grouse and avert the need to add the bird to the endangered species list.  As the governors note, this includes effective partnerships with state and local efforts and the need to adequately fund effective conservation of wildlife habitats on federal lands. It will also require the states’ commitment to working with the federal government, landowners, conservation and sportsmen’s groups to save this species and its habitat and avoid the costly alternative of a listing and all the restrictions that go with it."

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