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Game Changers: Climate Impacts to America's Hunting, Fishing and Wildlife Heritage

Outdoor traditions like hunting and fishing are increasingly at risk due to rising temperatures and associated impacts like stronger storms, deeper droughts and more intense wildfires, according to a new report by the National Wildlife Federation. The report takes a comprehensive view of the challenge today's wildlife are facing as climate conditions worsen, threatening the very customs that have shaped and cultivated America's passion for the great outdoors. 



Losing Ground: Wildlife and Energy Development in the Powder River Basin

Hundreds of coal mining and oil and natural gas projects in the Powder River Basin area of Wyoming and Montana are destroying the habitat of some of the West's most beloved wildlife - including mule deer, pronghorn antelope, elk, and greater sage-grouse - and threaten the continued viability of these species in the region and its hunting culture, according to a new report by the Natural Resources Defense Council and the National Wildlife Federation. 

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Nature Play & Learning Places

The guidelines, funded by the U.S. Forest Service and in partnership with the Natural Learning Initiative, are for those who create, manage or promote, the development of nature in everyday environments of children, youth and families, especially in urban and suburban communities.



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