Endangered By Sprawl

How Runaway Development Threatens America's Wildlife

01-12-2005 // Reid Ewing, John Kostyack, Don Chen, Bruce Stein, Michelle Ernst
Endangered By Sprawl Cover

Sprawling development poses one of the most serious threats to America’s wildlife heritage. Left unmanaged, sprawl could consume significant portions of the remaining green space in the country’s fastest growing large metro areas and counties, which are home to nearly one-third of imperiled species in the U.S. Despite the threat, most local governments have failed to protect their open space from sprawling development. However, there are several exceptions across the country. This report compiles models of green infrastructure protection, and identifies six tools for successful programs:



  • Create and maintain inventories of species and natural resources.
  • Establish regional cooperation to protect natural areas and species.
  • Develop green infrastructure protection plans, with performance goals and measurements.
  • Establish urban growth boundaries or urban service boundaries.
  • Protect critical natural habitats.
  • Build reliable local funding sources for green infrastructure and species protection.

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