Press Releases

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2012 Press Releases and Statements

04-11-12 Report: Reengineer Mississippi River Delta To Protect Nation’s Economic, Ecological Assets

04-10-12 Oil still in Louisiana's marshes two years after start of Gulf Oil Disaster [w/Video and Photos]

04-10-12 New NWF Report: A Degraded Gulf of Mexico

04-04-12 Growing Risk for Taxpayers and Wildlife

03-29-12 House Attacks on Wildlife, Air and Water Wouldn’t Close Budget Gap

03-27-12 EPA Proposes Historic Limits to Industrial Carbon Pollution

03-27-12 Warming Winters Threaten America’s Outdoor Traditions

03-27-12 Hill Ads Praise 76 Senators for Passing Gulf Restoration Amendment

03-23-12 NWF Supports New Federal Wind-Wildlife Guidelines

03-22-12 Global Climate Change Will Increase Anxiety, Fear and Depression

03-22-12 President Obama’s Dangerous Wrong Turn on Energy

03-23-12 Gulf Ads Thank Gulf Senators for Passing Gulf Restoration Amendment

03-21-12 Tribes Welcome Home Yellowstone Bison

03-21-12 New Report: Strong Farm Bill Key to Great Lakes Restoration

03-14-12 Bipartisan Transportation Package a Major Conservation Victory

03-08-12 RESTORE Act a Victory for Gulf’s Ecosystems and Economy

03-08-12 Gulf Groups Hail Senate Passage Of Gulf Restoration Amendment

03-07-12 Court Protects Taxpayers and Environment from Yazoo Pumps

02-23-12 National Hunting, Angling Groups Applaud Move to Finalize Clean Water Act Guidance

02-21-12 EPA Permit Too Weak to Protect Great Lakes, U.S. Waters from Ballast Water Invaders

02-21-12 NWF Pledges to Fight Heartland Institute Intimidation Campaign

02-17-12 RESTORE Act needs support from a distance now

02-16-12 National Sportsmen’s Groups to Congress: ‘Restore Mississippi River Delta and Gulf Coast Now’

02-16-12 House Giveaway to Big Oil Jeopardizes America’s Wildlife

02-16-12 Senator Inhofe Seeks to Roll Back Clean Air Victory

02-16-12 Healthy Kids From Day One Act Would Address Inactivity, Fight Childhood Obesity

02-15-12 Coalition to Congress: ‘Do Not Waver in Support for Great Lakes Programs’

02-14-12 Study: Southeast biomass has carbon spike before long-term climate benefits

02-10-12 Major Milestone for Sustainable Biofuels

02-07-12 BP Profits Highlight Need for Congress to Pass RESTORE Act

02-07-12 Coalition to Next President: Commit to Action on Great Lakes, Asian Carp

02-07-12 As Consumer Demand for Sustainable Products Increases, More U.S. Companies Open Their Supply Chains for Review

02-06-12 Tar Sands Development to Lead to Poisoning of Wolves

02-02-12 Obama Administration Hits the Accelerator for Responsible Offshore Wind Development

01-31-12 Tribes prepare for homecoming of wild bison from Yellowstone

01-31-12 Great Lakes–Mississippi River Separation is Possible, Practical and Preventive

01-26-12 RESTORE Act critical to helping Gulf Coast in aftermath of Gulf oil disaster

01-26-12 Coalition Grants Helping Groups Participate in Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

01-25-12 Energy Plays Major Role in President Obama’s 2012 State of the Union

01-18-12 Obama Administration Rejects Big Oil’s Keystone XL Scam

01-17-12 NWF's Wildlife Photographs for Sale

01-17-12 Obama Administration Releases Rule to Prohibit Import of Some Large Constrictor Snakes

01-12-12 LA 2012 Coastal Master Plan draft release statement

01-09-12 Protection of One Million Acres Near the Grand Canyon is a Victory for Wildlife, Sportsmen and Jobs

2011 Press Releases and Statements

12-21-11 Groups Move to Protect People Property and Wildlife in Flood-Prone Areas

12-21-11 New Yorkers Call for Action on Offshore Wind

12-21-11 NWF's Na'Taki Osborne Jelks Appointed to Conservation Committee

11-28-11 Mississippi River Delta Restoration Campaign Launches New Website

11-28-11 Nook Ranger Rick press release

11-22-11-Yellowstone Grizzly Bears Still on road to recovery

11-17-11 Americans Can Breathe Easier with New Fuel Economy Standards

11-17-11 NWF and National Aquarium Join Forces 

11-16-11-SAFE Act Critical to Confronting Climate Impacts

11-16-11 No More Drilling in the Dark

11-15-11 New NWF California Advisory Council Meets in Yosemite

11-15-11 Bad Ballast Water Bill Threatens America's Waters and Wildlife

11-10-11 Keystone XL Do-Over Likely a Lethal Blow

10-05-11 House RESTORE Coalition Release

09-21-11 Gulf Groups Praise Senate Committee for Approving Gulf Restoration Bill

08-03-11 Climate Change Hurts Indian Tribes Disproportionately, Report Finds

07-13-11 House Appropriations Bill Attacks Public Health, Natural Resources

07-12-11 Oil Spill Recovery Projects Proposed by Louisiana Deserve Prompt Review 

07-06-11 House Appropriations Bill a “Bailout for Big Polluters” 

06-15-11 House Committee Blocks Clean Water Protections

06-15-11 NWF, EcoAdapt Bring Climate-Smart Restoration to the Great Lakes

06-14-11 Sportsmen Tell Congress: Use Oil Spill Fines to Restore the Gulf 

06-09-11 NWF Recognizes Boston Latin as Nation's First Public 'Green Flag' School

05-24-11 NWF Urges Congress Not to Undermine Farmers and America's Future

05-19-11 NWF Names New California Director 

05-18-11 Mississippi River Flooding: Natural Solutions for an Unnatural Disaster

05-13-11 Reauthorization of National Flood Insurance Program Protects People, Property, and the Environment

05-09-11 Casa Vinicola Zonin Donates Funds for Gulf Coast Restoration

05-02-11 NWF Praises Show Me Energy Cooperative

04-27-11 NWF Welcomes New Guidance for Clean Water Act

04-26-11 Department of Education Launches Green Ribbon Schools

04-22-11 NWF Launches Lawsuit to Protect America's Vanishing Grasslands

04-21-11 New NWF Report Grades Midwest in Efforts to Lead in Clean Energy Economy

04-19-11 NWF, Vanishing Paradise and Ducks Unlimited to Host Tele-Town Hall on One-Year Memorial of BP Oil Disaster 

04-15-11 Proposed TCEQ Rules Leave Fish and Wildlife High and Dry 

04-15-11 Conservation Leaders Call for Funds to Restore Gulf

04-12-11 Chevy Chase to Speak About Wife Jayni's Conservation Work at NWF Gala

04-12-11 Six Winners of National Award for Campus Climate Innovation Announced

03-28-11 National Wildlife Federation, McGraw-Hill and NewPage Corporation Launch Innovative Textbook Recycling Project

03-22-11 America’s Great Waters Coalition Designates Nine New Waterways to Advocate for Restoration Needs 

03-16-11 Sportsmen Urge Action on Air Pollution

03-15-11 National Wildlife Federation Welcomes New House and Senate Bills Requiring Disclosure of Toxic Chemicals Used in Hydraulic Fracturing

03-11-11 Big Oil Wants to Bypass Safety Regulators, Again 

02-28-11 Report: Campuses Tapping Into Benefits of Geothermal Energy, Cutting Costs

02-17-11 B.A.S.S. signs Vanishing Paradise’s Letter Urging Congress to Restore Louisiana's Coast

02-16-11 America Speaks Out: Protect Our Public Lands 

02-16-11 America's Great Outdoors Initiative Reconnects Children, Youth and Families with Nature

02-14-11 President's Budget Maintains Commitment to Funding Gulf Coast Restoration

02-09-11 House Budget Protects Oil Companies, Jeopardizes Americans’ Health

02-04-11 Canadian PM Visit with Obama Stirs Dirty Energy Controversy 

02-03-11 Upton, Inhofe Offer Latest in Parade of Polluter Loopholes

02-01-11 Summit to Explore Ways to "Green" Childhood in Houston

01-31-11 Sen. Barrasso Launches Assault on Clean Air

01-27-11 US Companies Win by Disclosing Forest Footprints

01-26-11 Victory for Florida’s Threatened and Endangered Sea Turtles 

01-19-11 New Guide to Help Natural Resource Managers Make Climate-Smart Conservation Decisions

01-13-11 NWF: EPA Right to Block Massive Mountaintop Removal Project

2010 Press Releases and Statements

12-23-10 Carbon Reducing Performance Standards Advance at EPA

12-18-10 Broad Natural Resource Protection Plan Introduced in Senate

12-15-10 NWF Calls DOJ Oil Disaster Lawsuit "A Key Part of the Solution"

12-15-10 Senate Appropriators Propose Pulling Rug Out from Under Next Generation Bioenergy

12-11-10 Progress in Cancun Climate Talks But Much Remains to be Done

12-10-10 From COP16 in Cancun, International Victory for Climate Change Education, Training

12-09-10 Pipeline Anomolies Show Transcanada Skimps on Safety

12-08-10 New U.S. Gulf of Maine Restoration Plan Promises Economic Opportunity

12-01-10 Report: Offshore Atlantic Wind is the Next Clean Energy and Jobs Wave 

11-18-10 U.S. Rep. Kind Introduces Moving Outdoors in Nature Act

11-11-10 New Tool Successfully Protects Michigan’s High Quality Rivers and Streams

11-10-10 EPA Announces Responsible New Clean Air Measures

11-02-10 2010 Election: New Faces in Congress, but Voters Still Want Clean Energy

10-29-10 New Report: Region Planning for Climate Change to Protect Great Lakes, People, Wildlife 


10-25-10 EPA and DOT Propose First-Ever Truck Emissions Standard

10-12-10 As Drilling Moratorium Lifts, Safety Questions Remain 

09-30-10 Can Secretary Salazar's Vision Withstand Big Oil's Attacks?

09-29-10 Gulf Region Voters Far More Likely to Vote for Legislators who Support Gulf Restoration Funding

09-29-10 Eco-Schools USA and Zerofootprint Foundation Help Reduce Schools Energy Use

09-28-10 Mabus Report Delivers on 1st Part of President's Promise to Make Gulf Better than Before BP Oil Disaster

09-27-10 Written Testimony of Ian MacDonald to the National Commission on the BP Oil Spill 

09-23-10 National Environmental Education Act reauthorized in U.S. House and Senate

09-22-10 Greenforce Initiative Underway on Community College Campuses - National Announcement 

09-21-10 Energy Efficient Schools Initiative Highlighted at Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting  

09-17-10 Corps of Engineers Reassess Fargo-Moorhead Flood Plan 


09-07-10 Development of Carbon Markets in Agriculture and Forestry Have Potential to Address Climate Change

08-25-10 Letter to Attorney General on Natural Gas Discharge in the Gulf

08-19-10 Scientific Uncertainty Abounds Regarding Accounting of BP Oil in Gulf 

08-19-10 Ian MacDonald's Testimony on BP Oil Spill for Energy and Environment House Subcommittee 

08-16-10 Outdoors Alliance for Kids: Recommendations for America's Great Outdoors

08-13-10 Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy Honored For Conservation Leadership

08-12-10 America's Great Outdoors: A Vision for the 21st Century  

08-05-10 NWF Whole Child Report Examines Benefits of Time Outside

08-05-10 TransCanada Expected to Concede Dangers of Proposed Dirty Fuels Pipeline

08-05-10 National Wildlife Federation Announces Northeast Great Waters Program

08-04-10 NWF: Reported Progress Encouraging, But Gulf Oil Disaster Goes On

08-03-10 Oil Spill Bill Stalled in Senate, for Now

08-03-10 Letter on Need for Transparency Surrounding BP Oil Spill

08-03-10 Freedom of Information Act Request for Data on Effects of BP Oil Spill on Birds 

07-29-10 Report: Fossil Fuel Disasters Common in America

07-29-10 Pared Down Water Resources Bill Moves Forward

07-27-10 BP $5 Billion Down Payment Among Recommendations to Restore Coastal Louisiana

07-23-10 NWF President and CEO Appointed to President's Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council

07-23-10 Independent Report Says Continued EPA Climate Action is Critical 

07-22-10 Senate on Brink of Climate Failure

07-22-10 Bill to Add Wind Coverage to the National Flood Insurance Program Pulled from House Floor

07-21-10 A Band-Aid Approach Won't Solve America's Energy Woes, House Should Pass Comprehensive Bill

07-21-10 Adding Wind Coverage to the National Flood Insurance Program Harmful to Environment, Taxpayers 

07-21-10 Green Group Letter In Opposition to H.R. 1264

07-21-10 EPA Criticism of Dirty Fuels Pipeline Likely to Stall Controversial Project

07-16-10 National Academies Report Warns of Climate Emissions Crisis

07-15-10 NWF Lauds New Senate Bill Charting Course for Oil Independence

07-15-10 As BP Caps Gulf Gusher, Eyes Turn to Senate Action on America's Energy Future

07-15-10 House Spill Response Bill Draws Praise as It Heads to Floor Vote

07-13-10 Groups File Suit to Stop Development in Critical Sea Turtle Habitat

07-08-10 Nationwide Action Day Condemns Risky Canadian Dirty Oil Pipeline

07-07-10 New "Sprayed Away" Report Looks At Seven Ways to Reduce Texas' Outdoor Use

06-30-10 Senate Moves Forward to Restore Americas Great Waters

06-30-10 54 Organization Support Letter for Great Waters Restoration Bills

06-23-10 Asian Carp Found Near Lake Michigan

06-22-10 NWF: Moratorium Ruling Shows System Tilted in Big Oil's Favor

06-21-10 National Wildlife Federation to Coordinate Wildlife Surveillance in the Gulf

06-18-10 Only One Week Left to Plan Your Great American Backyard Campout

06-16-10 NWF's Ranger Rick Magazine Wins Big Education Publication Award 

06-15-10 Clean Energy Equals Economic Opportunity, Government Analysis Says

06-15-10 President Obama to Make Gulf Disaster and Energy Focus of Oval Office Speech

06-15-10 Gulf Escrow Must Invest in Restoring Coastal Habitats, Conservation Groups Say

06-15-10 Conservation Group Letter to President Obama on Gulf Escrow Account

06-07-10 Gear Up For The Great American Backyard Campout

06-02-10 Nature Photography Day and NWF's Annual Photo Contest

06-01-10 NWF, Partners Launch Outdoors Alliance For Kids; First Lady Announces Let's Move Outside! 

05-27-10 NWF Welcomes Congressional Action on Electric Vehicles, Fuel Economy

05-25-10 Garden Furniture Scorecard: Sustainable Buys Are Widely Available

05-24-10 Conservation Groups Praise U.S. Senators for Action on Asian Carp, Invasive Species

05-21-10 NWF and FTL Solar Award Boston Latin School Green Wish

05-19-10 NWF: BP Can't Be Left in Charge of Gulf Coast Crime Scene

05-19-10 National Academies Set the Record Straight on Climate Science

05-13-10 EPA Applies Clean Air Act to Curb Carbon Pollution

05-12-10 Senate Climate Bill Jumpstarts Prospects for Action This Year

05-06-10 BP Spill Potentially Grows to Hundreds of Millions of Gallons of Toxic Soup

05-05-10 Text2Give Campaign: Help Save Wildlife Affected by BP Oil Spill

05-05-10 Eyewitness Account: Oil Sludge 18 miles from Biloxi, MS wetlands

05-05-10 Rep. Kind Introduces Healthy CHOICES Act with Moving Outdoors in Nature Provisions 

04-30-10 Statement by Larry Schweiger President of National Wildlife Federation on Coastal Drilling 

04-29-10 National Wildlife Federation Teams Up with New Film Furry Vengeance

04-28-10 First U.S. Offshore Wind Development Signals Important Step Toward America’s Clean Energy Future

04-26-2010 Supreme Court Decision Underscores Need to Close Invasive Species Superhighway

04-26-2010 Court Decision on Asian Carp Threatens Great Lakes and Regional Economy

04-24-10 NWF and 8 National Groups Respond to Delay of Climate and Energy Bill

04-22-10 Earth Day Outdoors - NWF Joins Interior Department on the National Mall 

04-21-10 Sportsmen Commend Introduction of House Clean Water Bill

04-20-10 Five U.S. Colleges Win National Award For Campus Climate Innovations

04-19-10 What Is The Greenforce Initiative?

04-16-10 Conservation takes center stage at America’s Great Outdoors conference

04-14-10 Seasonal Allergies Getting Worse From Climate Change

04-14-10 Matyas U.S. House Testimony In Support Of Environmental And Climate Change Education 

04-14-10 National Wildlife Federation and New Jersey Audubon Society Formally Join Forces

04-01-10 They Came From Climate Change 

03-31-10 President Obama Addresses America's Energy Challenge

03-23-10 The New Energy Future in Indian Country

03-19-10 Environmental and Climate Groups Applaud Progress on Senate Climate Bill

03-19-10 U.S. House Passes Watershed Education Bill 

03-18-10 NWF Commends EPA For Revisiting Critical Energy Development Issue

03-16-10 All Hands on Deck Response Needed to Deal with Inevitable Consequences of Climate Change

03-15-10 Obama's Education Overhaul a Major Opportunity for Environmental Literacy

03-08-10 Drop by Drop: Seven Ways Texas Cities Can Conserve Water

03-05-10 Sage-Grouse Decision a "Wake-Up Call"

03-03-10 Education and union leaders flock to DC to support climate bill

03-03-10 NWF Action Fund education funding ad

02-17-10 Montana wildlife and waters at risk

02-17-10 National Wildlife Week Is March 15-21

02-15-10 Wildlife Olympians Bring Home Gold

02-09-10 Outdoor Time for Kids Can Help First Lady Achieve Her “Let’s Move” Goal

02-08-10 Report Shows Colorado Wildlife and Waters at Risk

02-08-10 Secretary Salazar Announces Expanded “Youth in the Great Outdoors” Initiative

02-03-10 Health, Conservation, Youth Groups To Surgeon General: Make Outdoor Time A Health Priority

02-01-10 Obama’s Budget Sets Right Priorities in Tough Times

01-28-10 State of the Union statement on Education Investment

01-28-10  Global Warming Bringing More Oddball Winter Weather

01-26-10 Report Shows Tennessee Waters at High Risk of Pollution, Destruction

01-21-10 Murkowski Renews ‘Dirty Air Act’ Push, Targets Climate Science

01-21-10 Winter Wildlife Watch: Where The Eagles Roam

01-15-10 NWF Challenges Wisconsin to Gain Stronger Protections against Invasive Species

01-15-10 NWF Vows to Challenge Michigan’s Approval of Dangerous Mine 

01-13-10 Corn Crowds Out Wildlife in Prairie Pothole Region

01-06-10 Obama Administration Misses Opportunity to Protect Great Lakes from Asian Carp Threat

2009 Press Releases and Statements

12-28-09 Be Out There Resolution 2010

12-15-09 Combating Holiday Madness

12-10-09 Restoring the Longleaf Pine: Preparing the Southeast for Global Warming

12-15-09 Nature Offers Relief for Holiday Stress

12-15-09 Flaws in Water-Loss Study Make Conclusions Doubtful

12-07-09 Dramatic U.S. Clean Air Act Action Gives Obama Strong Cards at Copenhagen

12-04-09 Obama to Copenhagen for Critical Days

12-02-09 Toys for Tots Parnters with NWF

11-23-09 Surgeon General confirmed

11-23-09 NWF Hosts International Program to Green Schools

11-23-09 Army Corps of Engineers "Actively Managing Collapse" of Mississippi River Delta

11-20-09 Groups Declare Asian Carp Emergency

11-20-09 Wisconsin Takes Action on Invasive Species

11-19-09 Army Corps Liable For Katrina Flooding 

11-18-09 House Natural Resources Committee Approves Ocean, Coastal, and Watershed Education Act

11-14-09 NWF Supports Strategy to Keep Carp Out of Great Lakes

11-14-09 Coalition Supports Plan to Prevent Asian Carp Invasion

11-12-09 Arctic Sea Ice Slow to Recover, Near Record November Low

11-05-09 President Obama Signs Historic Great Lakes Initiative

11-05-09 EPW Advances CEJAPA

11-04-09 Michigan Sportsmen Sound Alarm About Global Warming

11-04-09 Tribal Leaders Address Climate Impacts, Clean Energy Bill On Eve of White House Conference

10-30-09 U.S. Congress Passes Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

10-29-09 Halloween Rally Exposes Big Oil Tricks, Promotes Clean Energy Treats

10-28-09 NWF President Larry Schweiger Testifies Before Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works

10-28-09 Action by U.S. House, Senate Paves Way for Great Lakes Restoration

10-27-09 Sens. Bingaman, Baucus, Whitehouse and Udall Champion Legislation To Address Climate Impacts on Wildlife and Natural Resources

10-27-09 Real Life Vampires Dont Wait For Halloween To Be Blood-Thirsty

10-23-09 Hundreds of Local Students Demand Climate Action at Floridas Regional Power Shift Summit

10-22-09 Obama Administration Proposes Critical Habitat for Polar Bears

10-15-09 Congress Holds Hearing on New Environmental Education Bill

10-13-09 Where the Wild Things Are Opens This Week - A Great Time To Gets Kids Outdoors To Check Out The Wild Things Where They Live

10-09-09 Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize Timely Reminder of Global Opportunity to Confront Climate Change 

10-07-09 Midwestern Governors Release Clean Energy Jobs Roadmap

10-06-09 Where The Wild Things Are and National Wildlife Federation Team Up for Launch of Be Out There Campaign to Get Kids Outside

10-02-09 Invasive Species Rule Put Forward by U.S. Coast Guard Flawed

10-01-09 Flood Insurance Program Threatens Endangered Sea Turtles

09-25-09 U.S. Senate Approves $400 Million for Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

09-24-09 Congresswoman Lois Capps Introduces New Environmental Education Bill

09-16-09 College Presidents Flock to D.C., Urge Senate to Pass Clean Energy Bill

09-11-09 Day of Remembrance NWF Green the Block Answer DC Call to Service

09-10-09 Ten Western Habitats Threatened by Drilling

09-10-09 Coalition Gathers in Duluth to Advance Great Lakes Restoration

09-04-09 NWF Unveils Clean Energy Bill of Rights

09-02-09 Time Out - Outdoor Time Fuels Classroom Performance

09-02-09 And You Think You Deserve A Labor Day Holiday

08-25-09 Global Warming Bringing More Extreme Heat Waves; More Extremely Hot Days Projected

08-20-09 Coalition Reacts to EPA Great Lakes Restoration Plan

08-19-09 Administrative Judge Upholds Controversial Mining Permit in Michigan

08-05-09 NWF Celebrates United We Serve’s Energy and Environment Issue Week in Nation’s Capital

07-31-09 At National Urban League Conference, NWF Highlights How Clean Energy Will Accelerate a New Generation of American Jobs

07-22-09 Top 10 Tips to Be Out There and Manage Mosquitoes

7-20-09 Obama Announces Investment In Community Colleges

07-17-09 NWF & MWF Laud Senator Tester’s Restoration Forestry Bill

07-14-09 New Report Underscores Need To Restore Great Lakes

07-14-09 NAACP Joins the Fight for Clean Energy

07-07-09 New Report: Great Lakes Wetlands Remain at Risk

06-26-09 Great Lakes Restoration Advances in U.S. House of Representatives

06-19-09 Key Great Lakes Initiatives Advance In Congress

06-18-09 Senate Moves to Restore Strong Protection for America's Waters

06-10-09 Consevation Leaders Gather in New Orleans to Discuss Restoring Iconic US Waters

06-03-09 Obama Administration Names Great Lakes Coordinator

06-01-09 Rally for Restoration Marks First Day of Hurricane Season 

03-13-09 Corps of Engineers Holds Diversion Summit

03-11-09 Groups Tell Corps to Plan Faster and Protect Communities

02-27-09 Groups Praise Commitment to Coastal Louisiana Restoration