Senator Inhofe Seeks to Roll Back Clean Air Victory

Legislative "wrecking ball" could permanently prevent national standards for mercury and air toxics

02-16-2012 // Tony Iallonardo
Factory smoke stacks

Senator James Inhofe has threatened to introduce a Congressional Review Act resolution (CRA) to strike down the EPA's mercury and air toxics standards for power plants as soon as today.  The CRA is a wrecking ball that could permanently prevent national standards for mercury and air toxics. The new mercury rule was decades in the making and is expected save thousands of lives and improve wildlife habitat while creating jobs. POLITICO has reported that Sen. Inhofe called the new standard “a killer.”

Joe Mendelson, NWF climate and energy policy director said:  

"Senator Inhofe has it backward on what the “killer” is in this situation.  EPA and public health and environment groups all agree that the overdue mercury and air toxics standard will save as many as 11,000 lives, while reducing dangerous mercury exposure to children and pregnant mothers who consume fish laced with the toxic substance. EPA has also created a rule that will foster 46,000 construction jobs and 8,000 utility jobs as plants upgrade to cleaner technologies.

"Senator Inhofe may satisfy his polluter special interest friends by attacking these pollution safeguards, but his Oklahoma constituents and Americans will enjoy cleaner air, healthier water and wildlife, and fewer premature deaths. With these new standards, President Obama and the EPA have proved themselves champions for our health and environment, while Senator Inhofe makes clear he’s the polluter’s champ."

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