Miles Grant

Miles Grant

Senior Communications Manager
National Advocacy Center - Washington, DC

Miles Grant is Senior Communications Manager for National Wildlife Federation

What's the connection between the policy & politics up on Capitol Hill and the changes global warming is bringing to your backyard? I work with reporters to help them find the best science available, review the latest climate news at NWF's Wildlife Promise blog, and monitor misinformation pushed by polluters.

My work for NWF’s climate and energy campaign focuses on four main areas: Working to achieve national limits on industrial carbon pollution; keeping polluting fuels like tar sands and coal locked safely underground; promoting clean energy sources like offshore wind power; and educating the public about what the latest climate science tells us about global warming’s impact on America’s wildlife, communities and public health.

I also coordinate media for NWF’s political wing, the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund. While the Action Fund is legally separate from NWF, it’s an important tool that amplifies NWF’s advocacy punch, bolstering candidates who support conservation causes and raising awareness of key political issues.

If you’re a journalist looking to connect with a National Wildlife Federation expert, email me or call me at 202-797-6855.

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