NWF Media Team

If you are a member of the news media, please contact a member of the National Wildlife Federation Communications team below for more information. For all other requests, please call our main number at 1-800-822-9919


Miles Grant

Miles Grant
(National Campaigns, Politics, Climate and Energy Policy)
Director of Communications
National Advocacy Center, Washington, DC
(202) 797-6855  |  GrantM@nwf.org
**For marketing pitches, please contact directly through email.

Jordan Lubetkin

Jordan Lubetkin
(Great Lakes, Invasive Species)
Sr. Manager, Regional Communications
Great Lakes Regional Center, Ann Arbor, MI
(734) 769-3351  |  Lubetkin@nwf.org


Lacey McCormick

Lacey McCormick
(Gulf Coast Restoration, Clean Water Act)
Manager, Regional Communications
South Central Regional Center, Austin, TX
(512) 610-7765  |  mccormick@nwf.org


Judith Kohler

Judith Kohler
(Western Public Lands)
Communications Manager
Rocky Mountain Regional Center, Boulder, CO
(303) 441-5163  |  kohlerj@nwf.org


Emily Guidry Schatzel

Emily Guidry Schatzel
(Mississippi River Delta Restoration)
Senior Communications Manager
(225) 253-9781 | SchatzelE@nwf.org



Steve Woodruff
(Northern Rockies, Bison, Bighorn Sheep)
Senior Policy and Communications Manager
Northern Rockies/Prairies & Pacific Regional Center
(406) 541-6733 |  WoodruffS@nwf.org


Dave Mizejewski

David Mizejewski
NWF Naturalist and Media Spokesperson
NWF Headquarters, Reston, VA
(703) 438-6499 | mizejewski@nwf.org


Hillary Esquina

Hillary Esquina
Senior Manager of Multi-Media Content
NWF Headquarters, Reston, VA
(703) 438-6502  |  esquinah@nwf.org



Linda Argueta
(Wildlife Habitats, Kids & Nature, Gardening)
Communications Assistant
National Advocacy Center, Washington, DC
(202) 797-6662 | ArguetaL@nwf.org