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Red Fox and Striped Skunk

Skunks: Notorious—or Not?

By Lynne Warren

Reeking reputation aside, skunks are full of surprises.

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Roots in soil

More Than Dirt

Science is showing how healthy soil can help save the planet—and how we can all help improve what lies beneath our feet.


Monarch and boy

Bold Push to Save Wildlife—and Inspire Kids

The Disney Conservation Fund is striving to reverse species declines and entice children outdoors.​

Endangered Species

Lynx Kittens

New Funding Plan: Song of Salvation?

A bold, new initiative for species of concern could revolutionize conservation.

Public Lands

bighorn sheep

Keeping Public Lands Public

NWF and its affiliates mobilize sportsmen and other outdoor enthusiasts to fight state efforts to seize public lands.

Animal Behavior


Chipmunks: More Than Cute

These striped rodents take on their world with resolutely individual attitudes.

Animal Puzzler

Tiger moth caterpillar

What is This?

Test your wildlife knowledge. Can you guess what animal this is?

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