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crested black macaque

Model Behavior

Wildlife photographers capture intimate portraits of one of the world's most endangered monkeys: crested black macaques.


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All About Animals

Wildlife Photography

fishing cat

The Cat that Loves Water

Determined scientists and photographers finally capture images of the rare and elusive fishing cat.

Wildlife Conservation

leatherback sea turtle

The Secret to Saving Sea Turtles

A program that enlists the help of local volunteers is reversing the leatherback sea turtle decline.

Animal Behavior

Tiger Shark

Sharks and Wolves: Separated at Birth?

Top predators in very different ecosystems can have similar effects on their habitat, prey and other species.‚Äč

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craigslist founder Craig Newmark

A Virtual World to Solve Real Problems

Founder of craigslist branches out to help squirrels, owls and people.

Final Frame

Black Skimmer

Seeing Double

A photographer catches a mirror image of a black skimmer slicing through South Carolina waters.

Animal Puzzler

Amazon stick grasshopper

What is This?

Test your wildlife knowledge. Can you guess what animal this is?

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