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Beaver felling tree

Masters of Downfall

Researchers reveal how beavers cut down trees to fall in a set direction.

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All About Animals


A California box turtle suffers from the drought

When Water Is Gone

Historic drought leaves western wildlife desperate for a drink.


Rescuers try to save a manatee in Florida

Foul-Water Season

Harmful algal blooms are increasing in size and severity, threatening wildlife and people.​

Endangered Species


Purging Trout to Save Frogs

A controversial fish-removal effort pits some angers against conservationists trying to save the mountain yellow-legged frog.​

Success Stories

River otters

An Otterly Amazing Comeback

The North American river otter has returned to many U.S. states, only to once again be fighting old adversaries.

Final Frame

chipmunk drinking

A Chipmunk Oasis

A photographer catches an image of a thirsty chipmunk.

Animal Puzzler

whale throat groves

What is This?

Test your wildlife knowledge. Can you guess what animal this is?

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