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Nature’s Jewels

By Anne Bolen

More than mere decoration, iridescent hues often serve a vital purpose.

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All About Animals

Natural Wonders

Total Solar eclipse

The Day the Sun Disappears

It’s coming! On August 21, for the first time since 1918, a total solar eclipse will cross our nation.​



Outwitting the Storm

Bolstering coastal wildlife habitat and communities against the impacts of climate change.

Public Lands

bighorn sheep

Keeping Public Lands Public

NWF and its affiliates mobilize sportsmen and other outdoor enthusiasts to fight state efforts to seize public lands.

Animal Behavior

Chimp mom teaches young

Do Animals Teach?

Researchers are discovering how some species actively instruct their young.

Animal Puzzler


What is This?

Test your wildlife knowledge. Can you guess what animal this is?

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