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a pika perches on a rocky peak in Wyoming

Have Pikas Peaked?

Scientists discover that pockets of refuge may help pikas survive a changing climate.

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Photo Contest

Winners Announced

See the stunning winning images of the 2015 Photo Contest.

Animal Behavior


More Than Cute

Chipmunks take on their world with resolutely individual attitudes.

Endangered Species


Purging Trout to Save Frogs

A controversial fish-removal effort pits some angers against conservationists trying to save the mountain yellow-legged frog.​

Success Stories

River otters

An Otterly Amazing Comeback

The North American river otter has returned to many U.S. states, only to once again be fighting old adversaries.

Shared Moment

Lady Bug on Sori

Stunning Ladybug Still Life

Spots and lines of a bug and its perch capture the imagination of a photographer.

Animal Puzzler

What is this insect

What is This?

Test your wildlife knowledge. Can you guess what animal this is?

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