What Is This?

Answers to our wildlife guessing game.

09-18-2012 // NWF staff

October/November 2012

leafy filefish

Leafy filefish.

August/September 2012

Longhaired porcupine

Long-haired porcupine in Costa Rica.

June/July 2012


Face of a circada.

April/May 2012

Flock of starlings fly over Rome

Flock of starlings flying over Rome.

February/March 2012

wooly bear caterpiller

This is the crawly underside of a yellow woolly bear caterpillar. Later in life, the caterpillar will metamorphose into a Virginia tiger moth.

December/January 2012


This photo of a moose was taken by Marty Maxwell in Chugach State Park, Alaska.

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