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Cedar Waxwing

Going Native

By Barry Yeoman

Exotic garden plants can wreak unexpected havoc with indigenous species and ecosystems.

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Birds and Birding Articles

Success Stories

'I'iwi by Jack Jeffrey

Restoring Ancient Partnerships

Decades of conservation have reunited three of Hawai‘i’s most endangered plants with birds coevolved to pollinate and disperse them.

Habitat Tips

Birds on summer feeder

The Case for Summer Bird Feeding

Feeders help nurture our feathered friends during the warm months while providing hours of bird-watching pleasure.

Bird Behavior

Turkey Vulture by Christopher Willis

By a Nose: Birds' Surprising Sense of Smell

Biologists are discovering that many avian species rely on scent for feeding, breeding and other behaviors.


Purple Martin by Patricia Sheley

Become a Purple Martin Landlord

Declining over parts of their range, these insect-eating, winged tenants need nest boxes now more than ever.


Chandler Robbins by Barbara Dowell/US Geological Survey

Breeding Bird Survey Takes Birders to the Streets

Chandler Robbins created an annual volunteer bird survey that is now the best source of population trends for hundreds of species.

Bird Photography

Attwater's Prairie Chicken by Noppadol Paothong

Incredible Images: Prairie Dances of Grassland Grouse

For more than a decade, a photographer has documented the magical mating rituals of these captivating birds.

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