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Cedar Waxwing

Going Native

By Barry Yeoman

Exotic garden plants can wreak unexpected havoc with indigenous species and ecosystems.

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Success Stories

Puerto Rican Parrot

Puerto Rican Parrot Comeback

Once nearly extinct, a rare parrot is staging a surprise recovery.

Habitat Tips

Carolina Chickadee by Doug Tallamy

Growing a Better Birdfeeder

A new online tool helps gardeners pick the best native plants to help backyard birds.

Bird Behavior

Northern Saw-whet Owl

Birds Coping with Chronic Clamor

A growing body of research reveals how noise pollution alters avian behavior.


Northern Cardinals by Howard Cheek

Creating Bird-Friendly Urban Landscapes

By helping birds, residents of cities and suburbs can contribute to conserving biodiversity.


Osprey by Helen Steussy

Tracking Ospreys Helps Youth Soar Higher

Earth Conservation Corps, an NWF affiliate, helps restore a river and its raptors.

Bird Photography

Painted Bunting by Howard Cheek

Photo Gallery: Backyard Bird Images

Photographers featured in National Wildlife magazine share more of their images, and tips, with readers online.

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