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Snowy Owl by Barbara Fleming


By Scott Weidensaul

A landmark study of snowy owls in the Lower 48 reveals surprising discoveries about an iconic Arctic species.

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Carolina Chickadee by Doug Tallamy

Why Birds Need Native Trees

The Carolina chickadee is giving scientists a model to study the impact of nonnative trees on food available for breeding birds.

Gardening for Birds

Baltimore Oriole by Lynn Cleveland

Urban Renewal

By helping birds, residents of cities and suburbs can contribute to conserving biodiversity.


Dark-eyed Junco by Nancy Brandt

Make Winter Your Top Birding Season

By providing the food, water and shelter birds need, homeowners can enjoy some of their best backyard birding during the cold months.

Climate Change

Bird Feeder by Martha Allen Butler/Project Feederwatch

Birds Pushing North

As winters get warmer, species once rare at northern feeders are becoming common during the cold months.

Habitat Tips

Cedar Waxwing by Marlene Ralph

Help Birds Cope With Cold

By providing a steady supply of food and shelter, junipers give birds a big boost during the winter months.

Bird Photography

Roseate Spoonbills by Sara Lopez

Photo Gallery

A collection of stunning images showing seven bird species that NWF has helped to protect.

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