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Chipmunk by Howard Sheridan

Ten Native American Plants You Can Eat

By Janet Marinelli

By cultivating these native plants on your property, you can feed wildlife and enjoy the fruits of your labor during holiday meals.

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Bumblebee by Mark Brinegar

Photo Contest Winners

Check out winning images from the magazine's 44th annual photo contest in seven different categories, including Backyard Habitats.

Community Gardening

John's Creek, Georgia, Community Wildlife Habitat by Cathy Barnard

Communities Gone Wild

From tiny towns to major cities, NWF community habitats nurture native wildlife nationwide.

Winter Gardens

American Goldfinch by Brian Hansen

Set a Winter Table for Wildlife

Rather than cutting down the native flowers in your garden, leave seed heads and stalks standing until spring for wildlife to feast on.

Urban Gardening

Green Roof by Dustin Partridge

Wildlife Oases in a Concrete Jungle

A resourceful researcher discovers that urban green roofs attract surprisingly large numbers of birds and their insect prey.

Outdoor Activities

Opossum by Jonathan S. Schecter

Become a Wildlife Watcher

By observing patterns of growth and behavior, you can make your yard more inviting to wild animal visitors.

Plant Photography

Bulbophyllum lobbi by Christian Ziegler

Pretty As A Picture

A photographer visits five continents to capture the beauty and diversity of orchids, among the most adaptable plants on Earth.

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