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Baltimore Oriole by Richard Day

Backyard Photography Tips

By Susan Day

If you're just getting started in wildlife photography, the birds that visit your property may be your best subjects.

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Anna's Hummingbird by Jim Burns

Focus on Conservation

NWF members share striking images of backyard birds and other animals the Federation is working to protect.

Pollinator Week

Native bee Augochlorella aurata by Sam Droege/USGS

Native Bees Up Close

In honor of National Pollinator Week in mid-June, check out a slideshow of close-up images of native bees.

Garden Visitors

Raccoons by Jean Thorne

A League of Their Own

As the carnivores increase in urban areas, biologists are discovering that raccoons lead lives far different than what we once believed.

Native Plants

Monarch on milkweed by Victor R. Quintanilla

Catering to Butterfly Royalty

Gardeners can help monarch butterflies by planting the native milkweeds their larvae depend on.

Habitat Tips

Squirrel Raiding Hummingbird Feeder by Tammi Elbert

Thwarting Backyard Squirrels

Tips to outwit these clever thieves at your bird feeders.

Backyard Photography

Hoverfly by John Theberge

2014 Photo Contest

Enter, share and vote for your favorite images in National Wildlife magazine's annual competition.

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