Report Card on Colleges

10-01-2001 // NWF Staff

America's colleges and universities are uniquely positioned to train future leaders on environmental issues. Are they doing enough, both in their course offerings and in the examples they set for students? The results of the largest environmental survey of institutions of higher learning in the United States show both notable achievements and areas for future improvement. Following are some of the findings.

Colleges and universities that:

Recycle aluminum
85 percent

Recycle paper
84 percent

Recycle plastics
46 percent

Offer majors or minors in environmental studies
35 percent

Use renewable energy sources
24 percent

Have policies for making environmentally sound investments
15 percent

Survey of 891 colleges and universities conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates for the National Wildlife Federation. Margin of error: +/- 3 percent.

National Wildlife Magazine
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