What's New in Ranger Rick?

From chimpanzees to terns, May's issue is jam-packed with fun!

05-01-2010 // Libby Schleichert
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Are you ready for a look at the May 2010 issue of Ranger Rick magazine? We’ve got a totally terrific issue lined up for you, as usual. This one is packed with great information and tons of fun.

Of course, we’ve got your favorites: laugh-aloud riddles, intriguing games, and everyone's favorite comic “Ranger Rick's Adventures.” Dont forget the information-packed columns, including “Ask Rick,” and “The Buzz.” And this month’s Be Out There™ outdoor activity sends kids outdoors to hunt for signs of bark beetles.

Still with me? Great! Read on.

This month’s articles complement those regular features and add to the fun. Here’s the lineup:

  • Chimpanzees! Discover what makes chimps such animal champs. Get the full story straight from one young chimp’s mouth. But wait! This is BIG! For the first time ever, you can actually read the entire story online. Then, with just one more mouse click, you can find out about some of the latest scientific findings on chimps.
  • Kids to the Rescue!  In the Florida Keys, a group of kids are diving in to help try and save some offshore coral reefs. Again, for the first time ever, you can read the complete story here online. 
  • Incredible Plants: Who knew there were lily pads 10 feet in diameter, monster-sized flowers, and seeds larger than a person’s head! Read about these and other fascinating wonders of the plant world.
  • White Terns. Find out how a delicate bird pulls of a delicate trick. I won’t give it away here. But you can get a hint of what it’s all about on our Web page.

You can find more fun at Ranger Rick online.

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