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Snake River

Nature's Witnesses

Powerful images of wilderness can inspire conservation action. "Take a look," they say. "Then take a stand."

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Each week, our editors choose favorite nature photos to share with our readers. Check out our Photos of the Week, selected from the 2015 Photo Contest entries.

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Red-tailed hawk and squirrel

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Photo Tips

Ice Crystals

10 Tips for Winter Photography

Gloves? Check. Warm camera battery? Check. Now get outside and start photographing!

Photo Gallery

female photographer

Conservation Photography Through the Years

From the days of glass plates to today's digital images, photography has helped save wildlife.

Nature's Witness

Hawksbill Sea Turtle

Sponge Buffet

A photographer captures a portrait of a sea turtle at work as “coral reef landscaper".

Shared Moment

Great Egret

An Egret Bound for the Heavens

A photographer captures a bird's angelic grace.

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