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Mountain lion P22 outside Los Angeles

Showing Big Cats to Save Them

Wildlife photographer Steve Winter puts wild cats in public view to promote concern and conservation.

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Cumerland Gap National Park

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Summer Tanager by Richard Day

Backyards + Birds = Pretty Pictures

If you are just getting started in wildlife photography, the birds that visit your backyard may be your best subjects.

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Ornate Gecko, Mark Moffett (Minden Pictures)

Beyond the Bee

From flies to bats to lizards, this photo gallery captures the diversity of animals that pollinate the world’s plants.

Nature's Witness

western diamondback rattlesnake

Snake Side Step

A photographer captures an image of a rattlesnake on the alert.

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raccoon nestled in a sago palm

Raccoon Peekaboo

A photographer captures an image of a brave, young raccoon peering out from a large palm.

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