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Grey-crowned Crane

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Each week, our editors choose favorite nature photos to share with our readers. Check out our Photos of the Week, selected from the 2015 Photo Contest entries.

Caption Contest

Rockhopper Penguin

Got Captions?

Check out some of our favorite photos of animals with attitude. Enter our monthly contest and see our latest winner and runners-up.

Photo Tips

Aster in prairie by Rob Sheppard

Photographing When It's Wet

National Wildlife offers tips on taking great pictures even in the rain.

Photo Gallery

White Tailed Eagle And The Crow

Celebrate Earth Day a New Way!

See photos from the past Photo Contests celebrating Earth Day.

Shared Moment

Lady Bug on Sori

Stunning Ladybug Still Life

Spots and lines of a bug and its perch capture the imagination of a photographer.

Nature's Witness

Sandhill Cranes

A Sandhill Crane Mother's Warmth

A photographer captures an intimate image of a mother sheltering her chick.

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