Nature's Mothers

This Mother's Day, we celebrate mothers of all stripes--even the furry and feathered ones

05-05-2010 // NW Staff

From crocodiles, which guard their eggs for months and carefully carry their hatchlings to the water, to kangaroos, which nestle their joeys in a pouch for the better part of a year, many animal mothers go to great lengths to protect and nurture their young. This Mother's Day, join us in celebrating mothers of every species. View our slide show of photos taken by members of our Flickr group and read up on one of nature's extraordinary mothers. And don't miss this video about animal mothers!

Plus, if you are looking for a fun way to celebrate a mother in your life, check out these five outdoor adventures for Mother's Day!


Note: To view the slide show in full-screen mode, start the show then click the button at the the bottom right of the frame. Press the ESC button to exit.





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