Photo of the Week: Fall Foliage in the Great Smoky Mountains

Autumn's colors reflected in a watery mirror

10-25-2010 // NW Staff

autumn leaves and water in Great Smokey Mountains National Park by Gavin Emmons

GAVIN EMMONS WAS INTRIGUED by the low afternoon light descending through the autumn leaves onto the flowing water of Lynn Camp Prong in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  The California resident writes, “I really like the color diversity in the image, from the molten gold of the water to the orange and scarlet leaves on the stones, to the green and lemon yellow riot of the forest canopy.  For me, it’s a good reflection of the complexity of the hardwood forests blanketing much of the Great Smokies and the diversity of life they support.”  He used a Canon EOS 5D, a 24-135mm lens and a tripod.


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