Taking Photographs at Night

Simple tips to help you get better nighttime photos

01-03-2011 // NWF Staff

1. Take photos when the sun sets and/or moon rises. The light at these times of day will add ambiance to your photos.

Moon behind sea oats

2. Bring along a flashlight. It will help you locate the buttons on your camera and spot any wildlife nearby.

3. Use the night mode setting on your camera, if available. With digital cameras it's easy to experiment with different settings and delete the ones that don't work.

4. Stabilize your camera with a tripod or other sturdy surface. This technique helps in low-light situations. You need a long exposure to grab all the available light, which means a shaky hand could blur the image.

5. Shoot photos at different angles - sit down, climb on fences or chairs. You may be able to capture the perfect photo from an angle you never expected.

6. Don't use the flash. Using the flash at night may overexpose elements of your photo. Turn it back on if your photos are too dark.

7. Practice. Practice. Practice.

8. Remember, when photographing wildlife, have patience, be respectful, and keep your distance.


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