10 Animals Who Are Striking a Pose For You!

NWF Staff

Our 44th Annual National Wildlife Contest is in full swing and we'd love to see your wildlife photos! 

We’re waiting for YOU to submit your best shots. We've found 10 animals that are waiting for you to pick up the camera and take their photo! They're ready for their close-up!

1. This guy, who has perfected the over-the-shoulder smoldering look!

Sea Lion

2. This guy, who's been working on his dancing routine for weeks!


3. "GO! GO! GO! I've only got a few seconds le--"

Dolphin Jumping

4. This guy, who doesn't know how much longer he can hold this pose!

Grizzly Bear Yoga

5. “I’m going for ‘soft and cuddly’. Here I come, America’s Next Top Model!”

Grizzly Bear

6. These guys, who need a little direction on where to look!

King Penguins

7. These guys, who'd like the photo to be the cover of their next album.

Howler Monkeys

8. “Mom! Get out of the shot! Stop embarrassing us!”

Sea Lions

9. “Hey, what kind of lens is that? I personally prefer the 35mm.”

Steller Sea Lion

10. “Here's my 100 watt smile!"


Inspired? There's a whole world out there to explore! Grab your camera, get outside, and snap your best photo! We can't wait to see your shots!

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