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01-15-2015 // NWF Staff

EVERY YEAR the editors of National Wildlife select unusual or funny images from our annual photography competition to feature in our monthly caption contests. We then invite readers to write captions for the photos. Here are the caption contest winners and runners-up, along with the images that inspired them.

December 2014



“I believe I can fly…”
--Marci Dixon, Brooksville, Florida


"Alright, enough with the blond jokes!"
--Dianne Cloutier, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Luciano Penguinotti - Live on Iceberg.
--Anthony Langlois, Lachute, Quebec, Canada

After three days of 'Let It Go,' the colony opted to swim with the orcas.
--Kenneth Tredwell, Advance, North Carolina

"Will somebody please turn the cold off?!"
--Michaela Shires, Walkerton, Minnesota

November 2014

Turtle Posing


Yoga Master - "Turtle Pose."
--Leslie Haddad, Arizona


"Strike a pose...Vogue!"
--Dianne Jacobs, Banning, California

“You 'turtle' me upside-down.”
--Ann Untalan, Philippines

"You don't have to be a ninja turtle to break dance!"
--Peter Uliano, Manchester, New Hampshire

"Tipsy? No, I'm, um...just listening for buffalo."
--Kenneth Tredwell, Advance, North Carolina

October 2014

Caption Contest


"Ok, that's the last time we play 'go fish!'"
--Cindy Tebo, Saint Louis, Missouri


The fish muttered, "first I though my fate was sealed, and now I have clawstrophobia.”
--Kenneth Tredwell, Advance, North Carolina

“HEY! Why are you seal'en my fish!”
--Bella P., Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Winged victory, 'sealed' with a fish dinner!
--Tim Ferry, Alexandria, Virginia

“Hello, 911?  I'd like to report a dive by!”
--Gregory Young, Chicago, Illinois

September 2014



"This is not the way I learned to play leap frog!"
--Cindy Buitron, Indianapolis, Indiana


“You spring forward, I fall back - is this a Daylight Saving Time game?”
--Kenneth Tredwell, Advance, North Carolina

“You cheetah, it was my turn to pounce!”
--Michele Crow, Colfax, Iowa

“Cirque du Soleil, eat your heart out.”
--Janet McConnaughey, New Orleans, Louisiana

“This will make great 'cat-ography’! Smile for the camera...did you catch that?”
--Cindy Maxon, Sebring, Florida

August 2014



“No drought about it, I am parched!”
--Jim Nelson, Cave Junction, Oregon


“I give up. Where did you hide the nuts?”
--Cindy Tebo, Saint Louis, Missouri

“Summertime . . . and the livin' is easy!”
--Manuel David, Lake Charles, Louisiana

“Aaaah! This is the life, raid the bird’s feeder, drink their water, and then lay down by the pool to rest.”
--Joyce Scarborough, Wright City, Missouri

“Ahh, nut'n better than a little me time!”
--Tim Ferry, Alexandria, Virginia

July 2014



"Some days you just have to start from scratch."
--Kenneth Tredwell, Advance, North Carolina


What happens on the grasslands, stays on the grasslands.
--Suzanne Austin-Hill, Ruskin, Florida

“Well, are you going to scratch it for me? I didn't think so.”
--Angela Kohler, Williamsport, Pennsylvania

"Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam and the park posts are not made of foam!"
--Tim Ferry, Alexandria, Virginia

“Keep Me Posted!”
--Wendy Martindale, Azle, Texas

“Aaaaaah. These Bison belly scratching posts the park put in are great!”
--Joyce Scarborough, Wright City, Missouri

June 2014

Turtle and Alligator


I'm shell-shocked that something like this could happen in a gator'd community!
--Kevin Dutra, Modesto, California


"Go ahead turtle, make my day.”
--Monica Bell, Justin, Texas

Snappy's last words..."Hey y’all, watch this!"
--Elizabeth Lemmings, Lexington, North Carolina

"Should I keep my mouth shut??? Or let him know just how stupid of a move this really is?"
--Lisa Hardy, Granbury, Texas

“CAREFUL, Mr. Turtle don't bite off more than you can chew.”
--Joyce Scarborough, Wright City, Missouri

May 2014

Mallard ducklings


Curb your enthusiasm.
--Rich Kurz, West Palm Beach, Florida


Mallard Flight Training Program announces their top 8 highest achievers!
--Lisa Hardy, Granbury, Texas

“Whatever, guys. I'm getting the duck out of here.”
--Jillian Monsein, Tampa, Florida

“I can't watch, he's going to break his Quacker!”
--Joyce Scarborough, Wright City, Missouri 

 “Could one of you lend me a wing here!?”
--Cindy Maxon, Sebring, Florida

April 2014

Enter the Caption Contest


“Heard this one? ‘Nocturnal, nocturnal.'… 'Whoooo's there?'…'Owl never tell!”
--Kenneth Tredwell, Advance, North Carolina


That joke was so funny…It was a hoot.”
--Sue Detwiler, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I'm an early bird. He's a night owl.”
--Chris Miller, Dover, Delaware

He never knew screech owls mated for life.
--Brenda Miao, Fremont, California  

That was so funny the way that squirrel took off when he saw us.
--Ilona Tongel, Orange Park, Florida

March 2014



“You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose. But you can't pick your friend’s nose…Aw, who am I kidding?”
--Darrell Richardson, Clyde, Texas


“Here, let me fix your face for the photo.”
--Bonny Rigley, Mount Vernon, Washington

“OUCH! That’s attached, you baboon.”
--Joyce Scarborough, Wright City, Missouri

“I’m not your playmate...I'm a primate!”
--Carol Wegerle, Durban, South Africa

“I've got your nose; I've got your nose!”
--Bev Phillips, Newburyport, Massachusetts

February 2014

Enter the NWF Caption Contest


“NO, NO, NO, wrong feather, WRONG FEATHER!”
--Jennifer Bjerke-Mickle, Cheyenne, Wyoming


“Come on just one feather… it will ‘crow’ back.”
--Kim Becker, Long Pond, Pennsylvania

“You got the grey feather? Quick, pull it out!”
--Melissa Fletcher, Jackson, Tennessee

“This would make a perfect addition to my nest!”
--Brittany Robbins, Brownsboro, Texas

“I told you not to play chicken with the polar vortex!”
--Kenneth Tredwell, Advance, North Carolina

January 2014



“Bonnie and Clyde make a clean getaway after the Great Bird Feeder Heist.”
--Todd Thomas, Saxonburg, Pennsylvania


“I'll get you, my pretty . . . and your little nuts too!”
--Stuart Ross, Madison, Wisconsin

“Listen to Coach! You're never getting in the Olympics if you can't perform the FULL handstand!”
--Sybil Bolt, Bon Air, Virginia

“But I love you…Wait, Wait!!”
--Dell Ross, Friendship, Tennessee

Polar bear in Churchill, Manitoba

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