Our Favorite Caption Contest Winners!

06-11-2014 // NWF Staff

Here at the National Wildlife Federation, we take nature very seriously. But sometimes, it definitely gives us something to laugh about! We've held our Monthly Caption Contest since 2010 and every month your entries bring the biggest smiles to our faces! 

To brighten your day, here are some of our favorites from the last 4 years! Make sure you enter our current Caption Contest before the month ends!

June 2010
Hello, this is OnStar. We have a signal that you are locked inside a cage. 
Terri Procopio, Indianapolis, Indiana
squirrel in bird feeder by Philip Lax

December 2010
“Look, everyone! I got my braces off.” 
Ed Debowski, Laguna Niguel, California
spotted hyena cub photographed by Chris Gamel

August 2011
"When I told the birds to make themselves at home, this is not really what I had in mind." 
Jenny Cromie, Clio, Michigan
Chital deer by Amirtharaj Williams

November 2011
"You know, I'm beginning to think we're adopted."
Katelin Mathews, Margate, Florida
Tree frog and green snake by Bob Griffin

May 2012
"I always said you could lean on me. But, really?!" 
Karen Dorsett, Memphis, Tennessee
Prairie Dogs

August 2012
"Have you met my side-kick?" 
Charlie Hardy, Granbury, Texas
Enter the Caption Contest and create a caption for this giraffe photo

January 2013
“Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, eat your hearts out!” 
Michelle Fowler, Bethlehem, Georgia
Polar Bears

October 2013
“How many ears could a chipmunk shuck if a chipmunk could shuck corn?” 
Kay Cota, Dubuque, Iowa
Chipmunk with cheeks full

March 2014

“You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose. 

But you can't pick your friend’s nose…Aw, who am I kidding?” 

Darrell Richardson, Clyde, Texas


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