Animals enjoying the summer months!

Summer is the time for us to get outside, sit by the beach, and get some Vitamin D! But we're certainly not the only ones who enjoy soaking up the sun's rays. 

To get you excited for the incoming months, we've grabbed some of our favorite photos of animals lounging and enjoying a few relaxing moments from the National Wildlife Photo Contest!


Blue Herons on Beach
Photo by Becky Blankenship

Blue Herons


Brown Bear on Beach
Photo by John Farrington

Brown Bear on Beach

Crab on Beach
Photo by Sarah Henken

Crab on Beach

Deer Jumping in Horizon
Photo by Stephen Kirkpatrick

Deer Jumping

Elk Cooling Off in the Water
Photo by Rick Poley

Elk in Water

White Pelicans on Mount McLoughlin
Photo by Larry Turner

White Pelicans

Seal Lion Pup
Photo by Michael O'Neil

Sea Lion Pup

Turtle Hatchling on Beach
Photo by Chris Johnson

Turtle Hatchling

Turtle Hatchling with Snorkler
Photo by Steven Miller

Turtle Hatchling
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